The Scholarship Essay Contest Admin Page

To access the Scholarship Essay Contest Admin Page go to Settings > Scholarship Essay Contest and you will be taken to the Contests Admin page:

The plugin Admin Page is structured in three main sections:

  1. The Contest Creation Form Section
  2. The Contests List Section
  3. The License Information & Activation Section

The Contest Creation Form

The Contest Creation Form has 4 required fields:

  1. The Contest Name: this is the name/title of your Scholarship Contest
  2. The Contest Type: the plugin supports two types of Contest
    1. Standard Essay Submissions
      these Essays are submitted in Word documents (.doc or .docx)
    2. Video Essay Submissions
      these Essays are submitted in YouTube or Vimeo videos (please note only public or unlisted videos are supported, private videos are not supported!)
  3. The Contact Form: the Contact Form 7 Form that has all of the fields required for the plugin (see how to setup the form).
  4. The Gallery Page Title: the title for the page where a Gallery of all submissions will be displayed.

When a new Contest is created, the plugin does the following in the background:

  • It creates a new Contest with all of the details entered in the Contest Creation Form
  • It creates a new Submission Gallery page using the Gallery Page Title entered on this form
  • It creates an Essay Submission page, as a child of the Submission Gallery page, with the shortcode to render the Submissions Gallery.

This configuration results in the following URL structure for all submissions submitted to your site:


The Contests List

The Contests List section shows a list of all contests created in the site and their statuses.

For each Contest, you can control whether a Contest is “Open” or “Closed”.

The License Information & Activation Section

You will be then taken to the Plugins page where you can verify that the Scholarship Essay Contest Plugin was correctly activated.

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