Scholarship creates and promotes scholarships contests for businesses and non-profit organizations creates and promotes scholarships contests for businesses and non-profit organizations. Through our contacts with colleges and universities around the world, we are able to create and list your scholarship program on the school’s online scholarship page. This helps further promote the good you are doing for the community, and also allows these schools to promote your scholarship program.

All these efforts in turn help to further establish your brand online and allow for better search rankings.

Should You Invest in Creating a Scholarship Program?

Creating a scholarship program is a great way to further promote your brand online. It shows you do good for the community, and in return, through our efforts, you are rewarded by being listed with colleges and universities around the world, who may not have affiliated with your organization otherwise. This online affiliation with the schools helps you to be considered as a reputable and authoritative business by search providers, which in turn helps in your search rankings. So doing good for the community also helps your bottom line.

In addition to connecting you to colleges and universities around the world, we also provide an easy way for students to apply for your scholarship program. Through our Scholarship Submission app, student’s can submit essays, videos, and infographics to a scholarship contest page we create for you. The scholarship contest page allows students to view and share their submissions with friends and family via social media. Each time the content is shared, the student receives a vote as part of the contest. The voting process helps to get more people to share the content online.

Sharing is Caring

All the new content which is submitted to your contest page are indexed by search engines, such as Google, are also shared to social media outlets. This sharing of content from your website is very helpful in further promoting your brand and highlighting the good you are doing for the community –which all helps your in overall search rankings. The reason is because search engines consider a website that consistently publishes good quality content, which is then shared via social media, as an authority, and as a result gives the business a better search ranking.

What We do For You

In addition to having affiliations with colleges and universities, you are being provided great and unique content by students, in the form of scholarship essay, video, or infographic submissions, which are posted on your website, and shared to social media outlets. All this new content and social sharing is important for your overall search engine optimization. In other words, creating a scholarship program gives you better search rankings, as long as it managed for you. And this is what we do for you.

The Process of Affiliation with Colleges and Universities

Successful scholarship link building campaigns demand time, investment and effort. And we help with the process from beginning to end.

We Start by doing the following:

  • Conceptualize the scholarship program you are going to offer
  • Create a landing page for your scholarship program
  • Perform outreach to our college and university financial aid office contacts across the globe about your scholarship to program for listing on their site
  • Collect student submissions online
  • Assist in the screening and selection process of the winners if needed

Scholarship link building is a tried and tested strategy in obtaining better search rankings. When done the right way, this process can help you receive the elusive backlinks from colleges and universities.

This school affiliation process is not for everyone. It is not for those who want immediate results. It is also not for those who are solely focused on getting a lot of new backlinks.

Please know that scholarship link building requires time and effort. It is not a strategy that zeroes in on quantity. What you get here are fewer but powerful and long-lasting backlinks from colleges and universities around the world, which in turn does result in better search results for your business.

If you are ready to start your scholarship program or if you already have a program but would like to benefit from posting your student submissions online through our Scholarship Submission App, please do contact us.  We look forward to hearing from you!