The Process of Affiliation with Colleges and Universities

Successful scholarship campaigns demand time, investment and effort. And we help with the process from beginning to end.

We Start by doing the following:

  • Conceptualize the scholarship program you are going to offer
  • Create a landing page for your scholarship program
  • Perform outreach to our college and university financial aid office contacts across the globe about your scholarship to program for listing on their site
  • Collect student submissions online
  • Assist in the screening and selection process of the winners if needed
  • Offering a Scholarship is a good way to highlight the good you are doing for the community. And when done the right way, colleges and universities will promote your program.

This school affiliation process is not for everyone. Please know that promoting a scholarship requires time and effort. It is not a process that zeroes in on quantity. What you get here are fewer but powerful and long-lasting connections from colleges and universities around the world, which in turn does help establish your brand online and promote the good you are doing. We call this good results for good deeds.

If you are ready to start your scholarship program or if you already have a program but would like to benefit from posting your student submissions online through our Scholarship Submission App, please do contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!